"guiding vision" tradução em português


"guiding vision" em português

guiding vision
  • visão orientadora

Exemplos de uso para "guiding vision" em inglês

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A theater of images becomes monotonous when lacking the conviction of a guiding vision.
Of course, like all good curators, he has a guiding vision, an end-goal in mind, which is the destruction of capitalism.
In league with our allies (those who find their purpose in moderate policies and being responsive to the needs of their people), we must build a politically unambiguous, guiding vision.
Theatre is not a revelation from the muse or the product of a central, guiding vision, but an alchemic process, an experience rather than a finite record of thought.
Branca calls the process "somewhat chaotic" and notes it lacked an overall guiding vision.
It is a sprawling, growing bureaucracy with almost no meaningful oversight or guiding vision.
There are challenges with our poor quality of education as there is no guiding vision.

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