"guiding document" tradução em português


"guiding document" em português

guiding document
  • documento guia
  • documento orientador

Exemplos de uso para "guiding document" em inglês

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Even then, it is difficult to say how faithful local leaders would be to this guiding document.
The group hoped to gain the provincial government's support for the resulting recommendations, and turn the plan from a concept into an official guiding document for the area.
Mafokwane said the community was working on a guiding document since last weekend with the view of formulating ways of engaging with the constructor.
States also want to update the guiding document on selecting a secretary-general, dated 1946, which says a "man of eminence" should hold the post.
A guiding document will help us to engage as a united front with the constructor with one voice.
The comprehensive research report aims to be a guiding document to every reader by helping them make well-informed business decisions.
The asset management plan will be the key guiding document for the future.
The census serves as a guiding document for addressing socio-economic issues in addition to determining each province's share in federal tax revenue.
It becomes the guiding document if your client complains about the work or the deadlines.
A committee was formed, with an $80,000 budget to put towards creating a comprehensive guiding document.

Exemplos de uso para "guiding document" em português

EnglishThe document guiding our actions also needs to adapt to the new European and international situation.
O documento que nos orienta na nossa acção deve também ele adaptar-se à nova situação europeia e internacional.

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