"guidelines aim to" tradução em português


"guidelines aim to" em português

guidelines aim to
  • orientadoras visam
  • diretrizes visam

Exemplos de uso para "guidelines aim to" em inglês

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The guidelines aim to address the industry's key concerns.
The guidelines aim to advance three key objectives.
The guidelines aim to assist the departments in ensuring that their websites conform to the international minimum standard as well.
The guidelines aim to convince teachers that increasing pressure on students to perform well at any cost will only increase unwarranted pressure on children.
These guidelines aim to clarify how lenders should approach the task of setting credit fees.
These guidelines aim to ensure 457 workers are not being exploited.
These guidelines aim to ensure that families receive all necessary support to care for their children.
Ottawa's ambiguous takeover guidelines aim to restrict foreign state-owned enterprises from gaining further control of the oil sands.
The simple guidelines aim to ensure that if you're spending money, you're at least spending it effectively.

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