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"guidelines advise" em português

guidelines advise
  • orientações aconselham
  • diretrizes aconselhar

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Depending on the nature of an entity and its cyber-risk profile and control environment, the guidelines advise that the testing process be carried out by independent auditors.
Lastly the guidelines advise that music in cars be switched when next to a funeral procession, and all roadside construction being temporarily halted until the procession is fully passed.
The 2010 dietary guidelines put cholesterol under the "foods and food components to reduce" category, and the guidelines advise that people eat less than 300 mg per day.
The guidelines advise that a number of prognostic factors relating to more severe disease should be considered when assessing and managing acne.
The guidelines advise teachers to explain the prohibition in the presence of the head or senior teacher to parents of any pupils who wanted to wear the veil.
The guidelines advise teachers to pay positive attention to children and appreciate good efforts while ignoring minor lapses.
For example, the guidelines advise against transporting a live chicken longer than three hours.
For women who have never smoked, the guidelines advise against any screening.
British health guidelines advise that people with the norovirus avoid work for at least two days.
The guidelines advise schools not to hold exams or parents' meetings and social events after school.

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