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"guideline outline" em português

guideline outline
  • contorno da diretriz
  • contorno diretriz

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Because most of these tests were conducted according to the guidelines outlined above for obtaining good test results, most of the bending values are 10 percent or less.
The guidelines outline the rules all provincial ministries must follow in order to preserve cultural heritage resources and lands within their jurisdictions.
The guidelines outline how design strategies can block wind and maximize sunshine, and how colour and lighting can be used to enliven spaces.
These (new) guidelines outline how that can be achieved.
Also, the guidelines outline that appropriate complementary feeding depends on accurate information and skilled support from the family, community and health care system.
The commission also agreed to stick to the guidelines outlined in the industry's restitution settlement model and its business process manual.
A panel of 17 experts from around the world collaboratively wrote guidelines outlining the safest way to drink water without going overboard.
Our guidelines outline requirements surrounding: disclaimers of personal views, protection of sensitive information, responsible and respectful use, and social media use while working.
He said if there were guidelines outlining the role craft breweries play in the provincial economy, it would help small companies understand where they stand.
There are no published guidelines outlining why content is blocked or how to appeal.

Exemplos de uso para "guideline outline" em português

EnglishThe outline guideline of 1989 provided criteria for the authorization of additives.
A directiva-quadro de 1989 prevê critérios para a autorização de aditivos.

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