"guided walking" tradução em português


"guided walking" em português

guided walking
  • caminhada guiada

Exemplos de uso para "guided walking" em inglês

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And 82,000 people, she said, take a guided walking tour each year.
Another recommendation is to take a guided walking tour at night.
Find out about the real history of the city on a guided walking tour.
You can take a guided walking tour of this historic city or, yup, a guide will take you around in a golf cart.
Guided walking tours at all destinations were included in the fare.
Guided walking tours of the islands are also available.
One of the highlights of our trip was a fascinating guided walking tour at the latter.
Non-riders are welcome, and activities include fishing, mokoro (a type of canoe) excursions, game drives and guided walking.
However, a new guided walking itinerary offers an insight into what makes the region tick.
Privately guided walking breaks are also available at other times.

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