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"guide the ship" em português

guide the ship
  • guiar o navio

Exemplos de uso para "guide the ship" em inglês

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The system at the port should have sent pilots to guide the ships.
Ontario has such coastal structures, which have been used for many decades to warn and guide ships' captains navigating its waterways.
It is like trying to guide the ship without actually taking hold of the wheel...
Daily research will help weather bureaus to make better predictions and guide shipping navigation.
Prosecutors have alleged he deliberately guided the ship dangerously close to the island's rocky coast.
Environmentalists have criticised regulations which do not require a special pilot to guide ships through the tortuous channels in the area.
Repairs will include more mooring buoys to avoid ships entering the shallow zone along with better sailing tracks to help guide ships through the area.
As always, it will take the firm hand of a gifted leader to guide the ship into safe harbour, and avoid being at the mercy of the winds.
The paper describes how an onshore operator in a control room using a joystick could guide a ship out of a busy port area.
In his own imagination, this was once part of a colossal statue that guided the ships of an ancient, mythical civilisation.

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