"guide ropes" tradução em português


"guide ropes" em português

guide ropes
  • cordas de guia
  • cordas guia

Exemplos de uso para "guide ropes" em inglês

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For guide ropes, half lock coil ropes are the most commonly used product.
We ended up both ducking beneath guide ropes of the marquee to reach the point where we were to be wed.
Dennis and some volunteers hauled it up with a pulley and guide ropes.
Guide ropes and tent pegs can be lethal in campsites.
The cage starts to drop slowly, making very little noise as it slides down the well-greased steel guide ropes.
The little one could be seen swinging playfully and balancing on the guide ropes, drawing excited "oohs" from the audience and much clicking of camera shutters.
According to some reports, the 2013 brawl broke out when foreigners touched guide ropes covered in prayer flags.
Melet was holding one of the balloons by the guide ropes as they prepared to launch the balloons.

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