"guide lists" tradução em português


"guide lists" em português

guide lists
  • listas de guias
  • listas guia

Exemplos de uso para "guide lists" em inglês

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The travel guide lists all the must see tourist destinations with comprehensive details about places to stay, food, and shopping.
With colourful illustrations, the guide lists the animals, plants and insects commonly found at burial sites, including church and chapel yards and cemeteries that are still maintained or abandoned.
One guide lists 23 steps, and warns users that installing the firmware could damage your phone and void your warranty.
Published from the late 1750s, the guide lists harlots, their addresses, their particular skills and their charges.
The guide lists 38 different studios run by artists willing to show visitors around.
My domain acquisition guide lists the strategies that you can use to negotiate with the current owner(s).
The guide lists locations such as parks and trails, a fair-trade coffee shop, a farmers market, a series of antique stores and a couple of resorts.
Another guide lists 25 different locations to visit, only some of which overlap with the ones in the other brochure.

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