"guide a student" tradução em português


"guide a student" em português

guide a student
  • orientar um aluno
  • guiar um aluno

Exemplos de uso para "guide a student" em inglês

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Not only have they grown in their expertise, but they're also there to teach and guide the students.
That is most significantly shaped by the individuals who teach, collaborate and guide the students.
The company also arranged for career councilors to come and guide the students.
He added that reference material like booklets and pamphlets will be distributed to guide the students.
The committee would include academics to guide the students.
To facilitate the admission procedure for academic year 2016-17, the faculty has also kept a walk-in helpdesk to guide the students.
Professional engineers and local contractors are on hand to guide the students with expert knowledge.
They are paid to guide the students with their studies.
Each library contains 860 books whereas 250 teachers have been trained to guide students on how to use a library.
The board has set up telephone helplines to guide students on any query or difficulty they may face while writing the exam.

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