"guests showed up" tradução em português


"guests showed up" em português

guests showed up
  • convidados apareceram

Exemplos de uso para "guests showed up" em inglês

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But the guests showed up, the cameras rolled, and they made a show for an audience larger than zero.
I didn't remember anything after downing two bottles of wine -- one white, one red -- on an empty stomach, before any of the guests showed up.
At this week's gathering, only two guests showed up.
An estimated 2,000 guests showed up for the event held from 6-8 p.m.
Three surprise guests showed up that night last summer to share their personal stories -- all jurors from the case.
To his surprise, hundreds of guests showed up - sowing the seeds of the idea for the newsletter, which launched a few months later.
Guests showed up dressed to the nines, with many sporting elaborate floral headbands and maxi-dresses.
In 2008, some 200 guests showed up for a lecture in a space that could only seat 60.

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