"guests dined on" tradução em português


"guests dined on" em português

guests dined on
  • convidados jantaram em
  • convidados jantou em

Exemplos de uso para "guests dined on" em inglês

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Guests dined on accessibly priced tamales, local varieties of corn, and fried plaintains.
Guests dined on finger foods during the casual daytime event, it was claimed, and in addition to family, there were several friends there.
Guests dined on foie gras, lamb, roast beef, and champagne.
Guests dined on food from the couple's favorite restaurants, and nibbled on mouse-shaped chocolates that the pair ate on their first date nine years ago.
Guests dined on gnocchi with crab, salmon braised with baby fennel or a fillet of beef.
Guests dined on lavish cocktails, while browsing through 3 cars on display at the show.
Guests dined on turkey and roast meat, and lucky draw prizes were up for grabs, courtesy of the event's individual and corporate sponsors.
The no expense-spared evening included a champagne reception followed by a four-course meal where guests dined on duck in filo pastry followed by chocolate mousse or bread and butter pudding.
Chris even stuck around to play the piano whilst guests dined on their evening meal.

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