"guest spot" tradução em português


"guest spot" em português

guest spot
  • ponto de hóspede
  • local de hóspedes

Exemplos de uso para "guest spot" em inglês

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A guest spot on his television call-in show provided current and aspiring candidates a way to reach a national audience in a low-stress, friendly environment.
He'll tape an edition of one of his two online talk shows or call in for a guest spot on a sports radio program.
We have a preview of her guest spot, in which she plays herself.
She's like a featured instrument, so it's not just a guest spot, it's this ongoing colour on the record.
Wallace plans to travel this summer across the southeast and beyond, hoping to guest spot at various locations across the country.
Maybe there will be a movie audition, or a guest spot in another reality show, or maybe a celebrity impersonation revue at a casino.

Traduções parecidas para guest spot em Português

guest substantivo
spot substantivo
to spot verbo