"guest of honour" tradução em português


"guest of honour" em português

guest of honour
  • convidado de honra

Exemplos de uso para "guest of honour" em inglês

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All the uncles, aunts and their children gather and wait anxiously for the guest of honour.
This is not easy, since the most prestigious wine must go to the guest of honour, not the host.
Ujah, who was the guest of honour, said the sick should be handled with care because of their fragility.
The guest of honour at the party almost certainly won't show up.
These included a brigadier who was the guest of honour at the event, who described the commander as a "warm, friendly and consummate host".
The guest of honour is often no longer particularly spry and an early bedtime can put a damper on things.
The circus is so distracting, most of the audience don't realise the guest of honour is late.
Eti, is it fashionable for the guest of honour to arrive late?
Going to my own school as a guest of honour is one of the most wonderful experinmce.

Exemplos de uso para "guest of honour" em português

EnglishWe should listen to our own Sakharov prize winners and take seriously the words of the Dalai Lama, who has been our guest of honour.
Devemos dar ouvidos aos vencedores do nosso prémio Sakharov e levar a sério as palavras do Dalai Lama, que foi nosso convidado de honra.

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