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"guest list" em português

guest list
  • lista de convidados

Exemplos de uso para "guest list" em inglês

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Attendee identification will be checked at the door against the guest list; paper tickets not necessary.
Should she say something to her siblings and still invite them to the wedding or simply leave them off the guest list?
The prime minister has come under fire for the guest list, which other politicians have defended as not his fault.
There are about 60 people on the guest list, which includes white nationalists and people who say they want to peacefully challenge the speaker.
Choose them based on your comfort level with the guest list and the length of time you could stay before politely leaving the gathering.
The young actor personally put together the guest list and made the calls.
None of those visits had a guest list of fewer than 290 people.
The couple are understood to be compiling a guest list of 2000 names for the ceremony, but are only focussing on family and close friends.
The guest list pass from that 3rdeyegirl gig is still stuck fast to the inside of my jacket.
He didn't say it, but those failures, disappointments and road blocks were in the guest list during the launch.

Exemplos de uso para "guest list" em português

EnglishNow, take a look at this guest list.

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