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"guest chef" em português

guest chef
  • chef convidado

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And to make things extra special, every day a guest chef proposes a one-off dish.
The guest chef visited the dining room, stopping at every table and the kitchen sent out one of her dishes.
It was refreshing to go back to having a guest chef own the menu for his visit (so happy to be moving on from the trend of four hands dinners).
Each month a different guest chef will present a new menu showcasing seasonal produce from exceptional local suppliers.
We had a week of it, on each day a different guest chef would come in and cook their menu alongside our own.
A guest chef prepared the meal and offered preparation instructions to the roughly 30 guests.
Depending on the night's theme, students might be treated to lobster, a cupcake bar, a midnight buffet or a celebrity guest chef.
My role as guest chef is to develop a menu that's right for each market.

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