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"guest book" em português

guest book
  • livro de convidados

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Fifty states and 19 countries are represented in the guest book.
This maverick stealth game doesn't merely give you the opportunity to waltz in the front door, it also asks you to sign the guest book.
This we knew because previous guests had sketched their artistic impressions of the monument in the guest book.
A guest book was maintained for visitors and an estimated 25,000 people signed it as they stopped by to have a close up look.
The most recent date in the guest book is three days ago.
It lets visitors add messages to a guest book, post their own photos or even donate to a fund for funeral costs or medical bills.
During an exhibit of 25 of the photographs in 2010, the comment section in the guest book took on a life of its own.
The few pages of notes in the guest book give the gallery high praises, and interesting insight on the thoughts of students and other visitors.

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