"guest artist" tradução em português


"guest artist" em português

guest artist
  • artista convidado

Exemplos de uso para "guest artist" em inglês

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Each session was lead by a guest artist, who taught people how to draw nature, and more than 200 participants came out.
She was signed as a guest artist - her time in this current stint was determined before she began filming.
The full-length project which contained 20 tracks at its release, had only three songs on the project which featured vocals from a guest artist.
In this part, focus will gear towards promoting the guest artist, by sharing with the world his or her achievements, challenges and plans.
Buckley has appeared as a guest artist on several other recordings than his own.
Gwamba has a surprise for patrons, a guest artist who will only be revealed at the event.
It's an idea that is firmly in place these days, with just about any comic on the newsstands having perhaps a guest artist work some magic.
Like you mentioned before, this arc has no interlude, meaning that we didn't get a guest artist halfway through.
A particular construct of the musical is that it also be stretched to accommodate a guest artist in the future or anything else that might work.
The mega finale witnessed the two bands bring in a guest artist of their choice.

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guest substantivo
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