"guess base" tradução em português


"guess base" em português

guess base
  • base de adivinhação
  • acho que base

Exemplos de uso para "guess base" em inglês

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No need to disclose educated guesses based on familiarity with company operations, which is exactly what we have here.
To be fair, the demographers themselves acknowledge that projections are really at best educated guesses based on past and present human data.
We can make educated guesses based on various data we have on hand, but that data could, and often is, quite wrong.
We can shortcut that process by making educated guesses based on your genes of what's likely to work for you.
Let me hazard a guess based on the two matches played.
So he waves his hands and makes a guess based on his reading of various climate studies.
If you don't have enough of a sample and you guess based on a small amount of data, you can be exposed.
As you can probably guess based on the rate of submissions, a lot of these games are more works in progress than stable, finished releases.
These aren't just guesses based on gut feeling...

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