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"guerrilla tactics" em português

guerrilla tactics
  • táticas de guerrilha

Exemplos de uso para "guerrilla tactics" em inglês

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These militia members were expected to use guerrilla tactics to combat any attempted invasion.
We will use guerrilla tactics to undermine the legitimacy of the dominant regime.
We will use guerrilla tactics to undermine the legitimacy of the dominant regime...
Guerrilla tactics like splashing red paint on office walls, or leaving dead chickens outside an office entrance, are warnings for a successful publication to back-off, or face more threats.
And consumers and installers are responding with their own guerrilla tactics.
But the real concern isn't so much vote suppression as the more insidious guerrilla tactics that are used to distort messages and stifle debate.
You can't use urban warfare tactics in a jungle -- you'll need to get yourself some guerrilla tactics.
Guerrilla tactics must officially be disapproved for the region to move up economically.
Flash mobs on planes, social media activation, guerrilla tactics and zombie invasions may sound like something from a war or horror movie.
Iran would retaliate and probably attack the pipeline infrastructure as part of their guerrilla tactics, and generally try to destabilise the region.

Exemplos de uso para "guerrilla tactics" em português

EnglishParties continue to employ the tried and tested guerrilla tactics.
A sua luta pela independência ainda hoje prevalece na política nacional daquele país.
EnglishIt is not only the Serbian forces but also the KLA, which is proving increasingly effective in its guerrilla tactics, which are responsible for this daily violence.
Não só as unidades sérvias, mas também a UCK - que se vem tornando cada vez mais profissional na execução da sua táctica de guerrilha - é responsável por esta violência diária.

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