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"guerrilla group" em português

guerrilla group
  • grupo guerrilheiro

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Some of the members of the six-person guerrilla group are currently serving prison sentences.
No guerrilla group has so far owned responsibility for the attack.
His sister said her brother joined a guerrilla group.
It was not the only guerrilla group to use child soldiers.
Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerrilla group of fighters.
Their ambition was to transition into a political party, much as another guerrilla group did, quite successfully, in 1985.
The leftist guerrilla group that took her captive is still active.
The guerrilla group says it will identify the locations of mines they planted so that specialised army unit, of which there are 2,100, can remove them.
An anarchist guerrilla group claimed responsibility.

Exemplos de uso para "guerrilla group" em português

EnglishThree weeks after his investiture, the leadership of the ELN, the second largest guerrilla group in the country and representatives of civil society reached an agreement in the German town of Mainz.
Três semanas depois da sua investidura, a cúpula do segundo grupo guerrilheiro do país, o ELN, e representantes da sociedade civil chegaram a um acordo na cidade alemã de Mainz.

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