"guerrilla attacks" tradução em português


"guerrilla attacks" em português

guerrilla attacks
  • ataques de guerrilha

Exemplos de uso para "guerrilla attacks" em inglês

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Hezbollah has a long history of guerrilla attacks.
However, it has continued to carry out guerrilla attacks in the city.
It is still a mystery what his war strategy is, except that he loves to carry out guerrilla attacks and then disappear for several months.
Rural farmers and backwoods homesteaders were especially vulnerable to guerrilla attacks.
Guerrilla attacks have declined and tourism has once again becoming a serious business.
In addition, they still possessed military skills and knew how to carry out guerrilla attacks.
The group now controls little territory but continues to carry out sporadic guerrilla attacks.
Shettima would not deter them from the ongoing guerrilla attacks in any parts of the country.

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