"guerilla war" tradução em português


"guerilla war" em português

guerilla war
  • guerra de guerrilha
guerilla warfare
  • guerra de guerrilha
  • guerrilha

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Charles's army was too large and too conventionally organised to fight a guerilla war, and would have broken up if this had been attempted.
He was soon plunged into a guerilla war, not a world of footnotes.
It is difficult to fight because it is a guerilla war.
At first, guerilla war might be led by people who appear good and sincere, but later, inevitably, all sorts of bad elements join it.
From the tales that came out of it during the 2000s, it seemed as if local youths were waging a guerilla war on public transport.
From early 1919, the country was convulsed by guerilla war.
Colombia is the scene of a half-century guerilla war that has drawn in leftist rebels, right-wing paramilitaries and drug gangs.
In 1956, the pair and their insurgents began a guerilla war against the government, which was overthrown in 1958.
Guerilla war inevitably degenerates into this sort of thing sooner or later.
This is just another post-imperial guerilla war, and it will almost certainly end in the same way as all the others.
Did our leaders of today not get a history lesson about "guerilla warfare" that helped make our country great?
The war against non-believers will be non-conventional, i.e. guerilla warfare.
Guerilla warfare (spread out and moving about) is the battle plan for freedom fighters facing massive technology.
He also recalls the realities of guerilla warfare.
We decided, therefore, in our preparations for the future, to make provision for the possibility of guerilla warfare.
The days of wire and battery are over; we are far advance in guerilla warfare.
The profound difference would have been a move away from conventional warfare to guerilla warfare, or what some would call irregular tactics.
Extending across six nations, ten million acres of forest is degraded each year due to mining, illegal logging, farming, ranching, and guerilla warfare.
Mao didn't invent guerilla warfare, but he did write the book on it.
Embedded in your armies is the knowledge of how to fight guerilla warfare.

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