"gubernatorial election" tradução em português


"gubernatorial election" em português

gubernatorial election
  • eleição para governador

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At a time, we needed to strategise, so we won't be worn out before the main battle, which is the gubernatorial election.
Gone were the negative campaigns against the person of the new governor during the build-up campaign to the gubernatorial election.
If he ignores this problem, it will be raised as an issue against him in the gubernatorial election.
The party said the request was to authenticate discrepancies and the actual number of votes cast during the gubernatorial election...
Once declared a suspect by law enforcement authorities, the governor would find it hard to proceed with his competition in next year's gubernatorial election.
The economy could become a potent political issue in this year's gubernatorial election.
Ejercito claimed that there were anomalies in the 2016 gubernatorial election.
He thanked members of the party for finding him worthy to carry the flag of the party in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.
There's no line between crime and politics, especially in this week's gubernatorial election.
This has prompted more groups and individuals to try blocking him from contesting in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

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