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"guards protecting" em português

guards protecting
  • protetores de proteção
  • guardas protegendo

Exemplos de uso para "guards protecting" em inglês

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Flanked by security guards protecting him from the crush of the crowds, he signed autographs for two hours.
He was travelling in a red beacon car and had security guards protecting him.
Security guards protecting him from grabby -- if not opportunistic -- fans, as the singer made a loop of the auditorium's lower section before returning to his bandmates.
I will have three security guards protecting an empty crib which contains a small crown.
Ngcobo said students illegally gathered and attacked security guards protecting an exam hall on the main campus.
Yemeni fishermen aren't the only ones who have been targeted by guards protecting ships from pirates.
The habitat was created as an alligator breeding pond, but birds began flocking there to take advantage of the squatty security guards protecting their babies from predators.
Is there a risk that the rise of armed guards protecting ships could lead to an arms race?
The land is now under the control of the army with 10-12 guards protecting it round-the-clock.
Those who are not involved in clashes are given general work as guards protecting their camps.

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