"guardians of children" tradução em português


"guardians of children" em português

guardians of children
  • guardiões das crianças
  • guardiões de crianças

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A special registry of professionals is also being developed by the ministry which will be made available to parents and guardians of children with special needs.
Guardians of children have found out that they are, completely, helpless; unable to pay to so called private schools.
While no cure exists for microcephaly, parents or guardians of children with the condition should ensure that they manage the condition well.
Guardians of children avoid listening to the parliamentary sessions for fear of spoiling them.
And their primary target remains women, sole guardians of children and health and home, even into the 21st-century, if marketers are to believed.
The message for parents and guardians of children was simple: don't use your car as a babysitter.
Tax deductions to parents and legal guardians of children with special needs.
One house where the parents or guardians of children will stay recently flooded.

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