"guardedly optimistic" tradução em português


"guardedly optimistic" em português

guardedly optimistic
  • guardadamente otimista

Exemplos de uso para "guardedly optimistic" em inglês

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At present, ad buyers are guardedly optimistic that the new method for transmitting the games will perform well.
Doctors are guardedly optimistic that they can arrest the disease and stabilize her condition.
We are guardedly optimistic that there is visibly greater urgency in the dialogue that is inclined towards reconciliation and collaboration.
We are guardedly optimistic that we will make a deal.
Leo is guardedly optimistic that there may be some limited scalloping next year, and the baymen are hoping for legislation that will also allow some striped bass sales.
Simpson is guardedly optimistic that he, too, will step out the cycle of combat for a while.
Her medical condition is guardedly optimistic, and we hope for a full physical recovery.
Yet, the managers of this industrial outfit remain guardedly optimistic about the future.

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