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"guard watch" em português

guard watch
  • relógio de guarda

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It was normal for a 17-year-old-girl to be in charge of an entire guard watch of men.
Just after arriving, labor leaders were approached by the arena's head of security as security guards watched nearby, speaking into portable radios.
For more than six minutes unarmed prison guards watch and recorded the convicted felons slowly get away.
The film begins with a prison guard watching two male prisoners as they exchange flowers through the windows of their respective cells.
The other problem is that there are just around 150 guards watching the rhinos.
I can see six guards watching me approach, four on one side, two on the other.
He was often confined behind walls with guards watching his every move.
Two guards watch him at every moment, but do not communicate with him, as he eats, sleeps, defecates and showers.
We spent the night rotating guard watch on our building.
Guards watched her die, ordered not to intervene unless she stopped breathing.

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