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"guard uniforms" em português

guard uniforms
  • uniformes de guarda

Exemplos de uso para "guard uniforms" em inglês

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The final act allows the audience to peak at the breed of men behind the prison guard uniforms.
Women wear robes and headscarves, and work eight hours a day sewing prison guard uniforms.
He sometimes used stolen money to buy fake security guard uniforms.
The hijackers were in their 20s, at the most; one was wearing a pathani suit, while the others were in security guard uniforms.
Sutton and two other prisoners, wearing pilfered guard uniforms, marched across the prison yard just after dark carrying a pair of ladders.
Parents handed their babies to strangers in coast guard uniforms to get the infants to safety.
Occasionally through the afternoon, four or five men in guard uniforms or track suits ambled up to smoke and chat near the front of the truck.
Gradually some roads were being reopened, and older men in security guard uniforms were helping to direct traffic in the drizzly weather.
He escaped with another inmate while dressed in fake guard uniforms by cutting a steel bar on a window frame and scaling a fence, the court heard.

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