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"guard tower" em português

guard tower
  • torre de guarda

Exemplos de uso para "guard tower" em inglês

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As most soldiers prepared to depart by air, the last soldiers on the last guard duty pulled their last hour of duty in a guard tower.
For example, on one level, players must build a guard tower, purify a lake, build bridges, clear paths of felled trees, and fix holes in roads.
Nepalese soldiers in green-and-brown camouflage and sky-blue helmets watched us from a guard tower.
One series of paintings juxtaposed birds and prisons: a cardinal on barbed wire, an owl and a guard tower.
The city is divided into 12 districts, each overseen by a guard tower.
The explosion left a huge crater in the ground and damaged a guard tower.
The military pretense continued when our reporter tried to climb a wildlife observation tower which the militia is using as a guard tower.
Unfortunately, he missed a few soldiers on the outside, and they started firing at him from a guard tower.
Toilet in the guard tower, where one year the race director hid a book.

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