"guard the entrance" tradução em português


"guard the entrance" em português

guard the entrance
  • guarde a entrada
  • proteger a entrada

Exemplos de uso para "guard the entrance" em inglês

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The gangsters have placed a group to guard the entrance to the garbage disposal site.
Two large terra-cotta lions made about three thousand years ago to guard the entrance to a temple are a remarkable example of local art.
Two police officers are guarding the entrance to the flat.
Police officers guard an entrance of a school during the raid.
Two boys, barely in their twenties, guard the entrance.
There was one man to guard the entrance and offer visitors a ticket.
Policemen are guarding the entrance of the stadium to prevent any untoward incident.
Teenagers selling drugs guard the entrance, clutching plastic bags full of cannabis and cocaine vials.
Journalists tried to approach the officials who were alighting from the cars but were stopped by auxiliary policemen guarding the entrances.
A line of officers continued to guard the entrance throughout the evening.

Traduções parecidas para guard the entrance em Português

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