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"guard shack" em português

guard shack
  • barracão de guarda
  • barraco de guarda

Exemplos de uso para "guard shack" em inglês

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A defibrillator was brought to the scene from the guard shack, but the man had regained consciousness by which time paramedics, police and the fire department had arrived.
Within 10 minutes of arriving, the dogs tracked the cougar to an old office building, within 50 metres of the guard shack.
A shelter there - a guard shack, really - is now missing its tarp and twisted out of shape.
Williams said that the leak set off an alarm at a guard shack.
Later, investigators found the car keys on top of a filing cabinet in the guard shack in plain sight.
But the only signs of life during a recent visit were a guard shack on the entry road and two farmers tending a nearby field.
Right at the end of the circular driveway was a guard shack where the guard for the governor would stand on sentry duty.
With no radio, he ran towards the guard shack to call his detachment for back up.
The entire complex is fenced along with card key access, a guard shack and security cameras.

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