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"guard post" em português

guard post
  • posto de guarda

Exemplos de uso para "guard post" em inglês

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At a guard post, they presented their passes, and were then led inside, to be let into the deepest secret of the war effort.
This issue is found within one of the cargo carriages at the station, near a guard post.
A mere touch of the app will trigger an alarm in the guard post.
A night fell on a different world where freedom and justice is supposed to be the guard post.
There is a guard post for the residential area near the nursery.
They stopped at the guard post to inform campus security of their intent.
Startled, he ran towards the guard post at the main entrance and shouted the name of the guard who was inside.
Some condominium managements do not provide adequate shade or shelter for the guards, who have to stand outside the guard post during their sentry duties.

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