"guard chase" tradução em português


"guard chase" em português

guard chase
  • perseguição de guarda
  • perseguição guarda

Exemplos de uso para "guard chase" em inglês

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However, security guards chased away reporters who were trying to access the area.
Security guards chased away the drive-by attackers, it said, and an editor hit by shrapnel in the head was hospitalized.
The walk quickly turned into a gallop when the hotel staff and security guards chased him down!
Why are they letting the guard chase this on her own?
The guards chase him down and scare him off, but don't arrest him.
While food is worth the risk involved, unlucky ones have to run for their lives with the hostel guard chasing them out.
He said he and his colleague had seen the guard chasing the girl.
There was nothing that looked like a robbery in the scene except two security guards chasing after a vendor.
The remaining three suspects started fleeing on foot and the security guard chased after them.

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