"guard accompany" tradução em português


"guard accompany" em português

guard accompany
  • guarda acompanhar

Exemplos de uso para "guard accompany" em inglês

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He and his family can not move without armed guards accompanying them.
As death threats multiplied, guards accompanied her almost everywhere she went.
It would be better if forest guards accompanied trekkers.
The shuttle service has a woman guard accompanying the passengers.
The man was walking by a bullion van and noticed the security guards accompanying it were distracted.
Armed guards accompany deliveries of cornflour and other household staples to shops, to discourage robbery.
Guards accompanying the runners had run each other over.
Security guards accompanying the team whisked the players away to safety.
This is no walk in the park; armed guards accompany all visitors, and our instructions were clear too: stay close to the foresters.
When the players go for dinner with their families/teammates, does he or any other guard accompany them?

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