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"guaranteed victory" em português

guaranteed victory
  • vitória garantida

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You're never guaranteed victory, and the victories you do gain will be hard fought and difficult, ending with a little over 50% most of the time.
Everyone thought it was a guaranteed victory for me.
You can pay for better ammunition, gasoline, and repair kits, but they're only an edge, never a guaranteed victory, and can all be bought with in-game currency.
Still, it's not a guaranteed victory because the winner is picked at random.
The clash of two sides, neither guaranteed victory.
Humans have all but guaranteed victory for rats by the way we live.
In sports, there is no guaranteed victory, but one thing is for sure.
Our democracy has matured to a point where the governing party is no longer guaranteed victory in successive elections.
Having final totals in the range of 50 dogs might have guaranteed victory a decade ago, but that's barely good enough for third place these days.

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guaranteed adjetivo
victory substantivo
moral victory substantivo
pyrrhic victory substantivo
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