"guaranteed spot" tradução em português


"guaranteed spot" em português

guaranteed spot
  • spot garantido
  • vaga garantida

Exemplos de uso para "guaranteed spot" em inglês

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Arguably the only player with a guaranteed spot in the starting team.
Because of this, the university now offers a guaranteed spot in residence for first-year students.
Finally, there will be a guaranteed spot in the draft lottery for four years.
Once accepted, teams will have a guaranteed spot in the league and players will have a contract that includes compensation and benefits.
Pujara, however, was far from a guaranteed spot in the side.
This way you have a guaranteed spot for the fall.
Purchase a pit pass for a guaranteed spot right in front of the stage.
Lee says the cushion of a guaranteed spot allows his squad to work on more intricate areas of their training while other nations continue their quest for qualification.

Traduções parecidas para guaranteed spot em Português

guaranteed adjetivo
spot substantivo
to spot verbo