"guaranteed seats" tradução em português


"guaranteed seats" em português

guaranteed seats
  • assentos garantidos

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While all of the airlines say they'll do their best to sit parents next to their children, passengers who wait until check-in are not guaranteed seats together.
Dyer said this change was in response to public requests for guaranteed seats.
So that the trade union leaders could advance their political careers, and fatten their wallets, further, by waltzing into guaranteed seats in parliaments.
Guaranteed seats at the performance or show of choice.
Thus, the remaining available seats for allocation are the maximum seats reserved under the partylist system less the guaranteed seats.
But there are less than 20 guaranteed seats left.
Passengers pay up to $7 for a ride on a premium bus and are guaranteed seats.
Enrollment is expected to double by 2020, when, under recent legislation, all eligible parents will be guaranteed seats for their children.

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