"guaranteed salary" tradução em português


"guaranteed salary" em português

guaranteed salary
  • salário garantido

Exemplos de uso para "guaranteed salary" em inglês

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Already, the 2013 payroll for 15 players stands at $100.6 million in guaranteed salary.
It ended up netting him an additional $11 million in guaranteed salary, while placing him under contract for an additional season.
We don't have any organisation that pays for us and there is no guaranteed salary.
When players sign camp contracts with no guaranteed salary, they are reported as unguaranteed deals.
Each will almost certainly have some in-season guaranteed salary.
Such a deal gets rid of dead money in the event the team decides to cut the player after the guaranteed salary is paid.
Three-year proposal is set to launch this spring and will give participants a guaranteed salary.

Traduções parecidas para guaranteed salary em Português

guaranteed adjetivo
salary substantivo
guaranteed letter of credit substantivo