"guaranteed revenue" tradução em português


"guaranteed revenue" em português

guaranteed revenue
  • receita garantida

Exemplos de uso para "guaranteed revenue" em inglês

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As long as government has a guaranteed revenue stream and a captive consumer base, split between two unprincipled parties who collude against would-be competitors, they may not have a choice.
Studios no longer had a guaranteed revenue stream.
The government is luring green-energy investors with the promise of generous long-term contracts that include a guaranteed revenue stream.
This would allow the company to borrow money on the international markets to fund upgrades, as it would be able to prove it had a guaranteed revenue stream.
That means, whether they operate it or not, they pay the minimum guaranteed revenue.
The guaranteed revenue meant the highway could be built quickly.
Its clients benefit from the guaranteed revenue stream as well as the premium returns generated versus traditional discretionary routes to market.
Gates campaign employs a public/private business model of buying mass quantities of products, creating efficient distribution to far-reaching areas, with the guaranteed revenue of government budget commitments.
Utica wants a team and is willing to talk guaranteed revenue because they don't have much else to sell.
These factors also shield the company from any protracted economic downturn, thus boosting the sustainability of its dividend payment, smoothing out revenue, and providing an almost guaranteed revenue stream.

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