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"guaranteed rate" em português

guaranteed rate
  • taxa garantida

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At a guaranteed rate of return of 6% this is $1.8bn annually that customers need to pay to networks.
Hybrid equity titles can be issued to non-members offering a guaranteed rate of return without voting rights.
Ivan, it seems the author of this opinion piece is trying to confuse the general public by stating that the company does not have a guaranteed rate of return.
Nearly six-in-ten of this year's respondents prefer a guaranteed rate of return and lower risk, compared with 54 percent in the prior year.
They also have other benefits, such as a guaranteed rate of growth.
This project is not just a guaranteed rate of return.
You will earn a guaranteed rate of return after a set period (provided that the institution remains financially stable).
First, how can you find out whether you are entitled to a guaranteed rate?
It's worked very well and it protects the public when you get a guaranteed rate.
Some with-profits pension products offer to convert investors' funds into an income at a guaranteed rate -- which can be a valuable option compared with the annuity rates currently on offer.

Exemplos de uso para "guaranteed rate" em português

Englishguaranteed interest rate

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