"guarantee victory" tradução em português


"guarantee victory" em português

guarantee victory
  • garantir a vitória

Exemplos de uso para "guarantee victory" em inglês

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But, as we know all too well, simply controlling play at 5-on-5 does not guarantee victory.
He was then hit with a five-second time penalty for crossing the line at the pit exit, meaning even passing his rival out on track would not guarantee victory.
Legaspi says that a presidential endorsement will help but it will not guarantee victory.
Strategic theory will not guarantee victory, but it can help us shed illusions about what force and persuasion can and can not achieve.
It doesn't guarantee victory; but not having it guarantees failure.
We were very active in the summer transfer period, but so were a lot of clubs: that doesn't guarantee victory.
And while spending big bucks didn't necessarily guarantee victory, not spending enough to at least stay competitive with rival candidates was an almost certain path to defeat, the analysis shows.

Exemplos de uso para "guarantee victory" em português

EnglishThe main pillar of these measures must be to guarantee security and victory in the fight against rebel forces.
O principal pilar destas medidas deve ser a garantia da segurança e da vitória na luta contra as forças rebeldes.

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