"guarantee admission" tradução em português


"guarantee admission" em português

guarantee admission
  • admissão de garantia
  • garantir admissão

Exemplos de uso para "guarantee admission" em inglês

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But it does not guarantee admission; it is subject to the availability of places.
But, of course, a standby ticket does not guarantee admission; they give out around 200 in total, and some weeks no standbys are admitted at all.
Singh is clear that while they are focused on providing the best outcome for the student, they do not guarantee admission.
This act does not guarantee admission, but puts those young people on a similar footing with other young people applying for admission.
It also does not guarantee admission to the school.
They passed a law in 1997 requiring schools to guarantee admission to the top 10 percent of the graduating class at every public high school in the state.
The test is so competitive that a candidate correctly answering even 35% of the questions in 2012 have found entry into the rank list, although it doesn't necessarily guarantee admission.
The cash is collected by other students who linger near admissions offices, telling hopefuls they can guarantee admission for a price.

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