"guarantee a delivery" tradução em português


"guarantee a delivery" em português

guarantee a delivery
  • garantir uma entrega

Exemplos de uso para "guarantee a delivery" em inglês

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They guaranteed a delivery within 20 mintues but now they're late by a minute.
They guaranteed a delivery within 20 minutes but now they're late by a minute.
We guarantee delivery times, provide leading after sales customer service, and have price points that are competitive with domestic brands.
Sending a parcel through the post guarantees delivery irrespective of the pin code of the buyer.
You have to make sure you have the right security, and can guarantee delivery.
Amaechi said that it was imperative to flush out all the bad eggs from our courts' to guarantee delivery of fair judgments without fear or favour.
We were asked to guarantee a delivery time which unfortunately we could not do and so issued a full refund to avoid any further disappointment.
Our proven ability to put all the elements of development in place, from consent to construction to operation means they can rely on us to guarantee delivery.
Robredo says local governments have "boundless potential" and focusing on her goal will guarantee the delivery of basic services to the public.

Exemplos de uso para "guarantee a delivery" em português

EnglishAppropriate targets have to be put in place to guarantee the delivery of proper results rather than a mere tinkering with figures.
Há que definir objectivos adequados susceptíveis de garantir que se obtenham resultados concretos, em vez de nos limitarmos a manipular os números.

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