"grumbling stomach" tradução em português


"grumbling stomach" em português

grumbling stomach
  • estômago resmungante
  • estômago resmungando

Exemplos de uso para "grumbling stomach" em inglês

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Also, you do not want the unnecessary distraction of a grumbling stomach.
And without a grumbling stomach, you are bound to sleep well.
Food also satisfies needs beyond just the need to quiet a grumbling stomach, of course.
In place of more expensive protein sources like meat and chicken, rice, for the poor, is usually the answer to a grumbling stomach.
Luckily, there's little time to think about a grumbling stomach.
Her story of young childhood, before she was adopted at the age of seven, was defined by a grumbling stomach and a body that was malnourished.
Turns out a grumbling stomach depends on gender, body composition and how intense that workout really was.

Traduções parecidas para grumbling stomach em Português

stomach substantivo
grumbling adjetivo
grumbling substantivo
to stomach verbo
acid stomach substantivo
rennet stomach substantivo
to be like a punch in the stomach
to have a weak stomach