"gruesome video" tradução em português


"gruesome video" em português

gruesome video
  • vídeo macabro
  • vídeo horrível

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People quickly began watching the gruesome video, some complaining about the music on its soundtrack.
Police also wrote to social networking sites to remove the gruesome video.
The men are accused of feeding a live cat to two dogs and uploading the gruesome video.
A gruesome video of that incident caused uproar on social media.
Prosecutors also showed the jury a gruesome video of people lying in pools of blood.
This gruesome video shows hundreds of pubic lice squirming in a six-year-old's eyelashes.
This gruesome video shows the moment a giant botfly maggot is removed from a man's head with tweezers.
This, in other words, is unlikely to be the last such gruesome video posted on the internet in the days and weeks to come.
And earlier this year a gruesome video emerged of the damage caused to lungs after just 60 cigarettes.
As the gruesome video below reveals, the wriggling creatures were buried deep in the 65-year-old's sinuses.

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