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"gruesome story" em português

gruesome story
  • história horrível

Exemplos de uso para "gruesome story" em inglês

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T he people who spend thei r lives helping people find beautiful homes to buy listened intently to what they were warned would be a gruesome story.
This is a gruesome story; there is no way around it.
Police are still trying to ascertain motive and believe the details behind the gruesome story will be revealed through investigations.
Flynn started and abandoned many novels over the years before hitting on the idea of writing about a journalist covering a gruesome story in her home town.
The damage to some of the bones also tells a quite gruesome story about how he died.
The gruesome story would be troubling enough on its own.

Traduções parecidas para gruesome story em Português

gruesome adjetivo
story substantivo
cover story substantivo
cock and bull story substantivo
fairy story substantivo
back story substantivo
detective story substantivo
hard-luck story substantivo
to only know half the story