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"gruesome images" em português

gruesome images
  • imagens horríveis

Exemplos de uso para "gruesome images" em inglês

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Still, gruesome images of the war beamed around the world scared tourists away.
Gruesome images of horse carcasses spread across the nation in 2000.
Gruesome images of rotting teeth and diseased lungs are having the intended impact - smoking is no longer cool among teenagers.
I haven't seen anywhere else where the covers of magazines show such gruesome images.
Why else would they want to use such gruesome images?
Do gruesome images invoke our deepest capacity for empathy or are they too unthinkable for emotional assimilation?
A lot of those mandala paintings have some really gruesome images in them.
We've all watched the emotionally charged commercials and seen the gruesome images attached to every cigarette package.
When did being disturbed by gruesome images make one a "sensitive viewer"?
But a federal appeals court said last year that the city couldn't force tobacco retailers to display gruesome images of diseased lungs and decaying teeth.

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