"gruesome attack" tradução em português


"gruesome attack" em português

gruesome attack
  • ataque macabro
  • ataque horrível

Exemplos de uso para "gruesome attack" em inglês

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A case was also started against him over the gruesome attack.
Before the gruesome attack, they were out to dinner as a family, the dad disclosed.
Given the severity of the gruesome attack, a week on many charred bodies are still waiting to be identified.
He was a juvenile at the time of the gruesome attack.
Likewise, she has also sustained injuries to her hip and legs following the gruesome attack.
Scheffer said only a laptop and cellphone had been stolen in the gruesome attack.
She is also nursing injuries on her head and neck from the gruesome attack.
The police came under intense gunfire as they responded to the gruesome attack.
The victim had confronted the men in the living quarters of the pub but was subjected to the gruesome attack.
But one striking visual happens during a gruesome attack on a village.

Traduções parecidas para gruesome attack em Português

gruesome adjetivo
attack substantivo
to attack verbo
heart attack substantivo
to launch an attack verbo
air attack substantivo
bomb attack substantivo
frontal attack substantivo
incendiary attack substantivo
line of attack substantivo
panic attack substantivo
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