"gruelling years" tradução em português


"gruelling years" em português

gruelling years
  • anos cansativos
  • anos extenuantes

Exemplos de uso para "gruelling years" em inglês

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After all the gruelling years of hard work, a calm and stress-free retirement is the best reward one can get.
But, because of a civil war, the years of saving up and the gruelling years of university would be nothing because of the political instability that exists.
Now for the gruelling years of therapy it will take to make me forget the whole nightmare happened.
Police said that the students, who had spent two gruelling years in the hostel studying for their exams, were in no mood to listen.
With a mixture of bravado and determination he extended this to nearly three and a half gruelling years.
And when they do get the treatment, they have to endure 2 gruelling years of daily injections and have to swallow over 10,000 pills.
The project was not completed until nine gruelling years after it was announced.
Analysis of 50 years of research on depression amongst physicians also suggests that gruelling years of training may have a negative effect on wellbeing.
People are filing in - family, relatives and neighbours - who personally bore the pain of those eight gruelling years.

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